Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Using warm and intimate small music prompted the fish that you're familiar with the music fish

As a major online player present one, music video box development trend of the fish can triumph and to describe the user's growing team of fish to the music very encouraging, they have been tried from all angles to understand the needs of users, to users are thinking, and strive each function can eventually achieve its proper value. To allow users to use rest assured that with the comfortable, use your heart, Joy in the basic functions on the basis of studying, do not forget to study some intimate additional features such as tips of some warmth, presence or absence of these features may not Music played a decisive role in the development of fish, but their presence can really narrow the gap between users and the relationship between music fish, fish allows users to play music more fun, can be said that their presence on the music set the fish of Good Image contribution.
Here are a few tips that we use music in the process of the fish appear most frequently, so detailed.

1, bubble help tips

The face of large and small fish, dozens of music features, the initial contact with the users will inevitably know what to do, what each function? Which function is for their own most appropriate? These issues should be happy for each fish will encounter a new friend, in order to eliminate the user in the course of concern, specially made to help the fish music features tips, when you mouse click the function button, the prompt will pop up a small window, told the function, so you can choose according to their habits to use.

Some users may also be considered that it prompts more influence their viewing, Joy designed specifically to prompt users that can choose style, if you need to check, no not checked, all by you decide ! So how do you check it:

Step one: Open the music box fish video

Figure 1 Open the music box fish video

Step two: bring up option settings, select Options habits - Tips - Always start the bubble help tips

Figure 2 is always set to start the bubble help tips

2, Le Fish Information Tips

Now the basic 90% of domestic Internet users are using qq, qq instant so for the latest news in the form of pop-up should not be unfamiliar, music tips and information on fish, like the function is a news release, the music of fish right in the computer lower corner of this pop-up window, so the user can timely received in the first music-related policies or important fish notice, not only improves the efficiency of communication, but also closer to the user and the distance between the fish happy. Of course, if you find it troublesome that information can prompt abolition of the specific operation is as follows:

Step one: Open the music box fish video

Figure 3 Open the music box fish video

Step two: bring up option settings, select custom - Live Fish Information Tips (uncheck)

Figure 4 Set Lok Fish Information Tips

Third, time tips

In fish with music when watching TV programs, you can choose according to their own custom screen display mode, there are three modes, namely: normal mode, full-screen mode, streamlining the model.

Here, in the latter two modes music specially designed a display time of fish thoughtfulness Xiao feature, which allows you to either yes in Kan interlocking Europe and the United States of classic TV shows Haishi large, 閮?to easily track the current time, Buyongdanxin miss the time to do other things, the little tips of the state role in the full-screen mode is obvious, because the full-screen mode, we can not directly access the computer's display time, the music of the functional design of the fish makes up this , very close. If you do not have the time can also be prompted to cancel, then how to check and be abolished?

Step one: Open the music box fish video

Figure 5 Open the music box fish video

Step two: bring up option settings, select Show habits - full screen / streamline patterns show the time (check that the feature is enabled, uncheck the said cancellation of the function)

Figure 6 to set full screen / display time to streamline pattern


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